Long lost update

Oh my heck! Has it really been two weeks since I've updated? My how time flies when you still can't cook for yourself. But I'm getting so so so close. And the fact that I can't cook is not my fault--either the manufacturer or the appliance store provided me with the wrong mounting plate for my over the range microwave. Too bad I took a ton of time to meticulously mount it to my wall and tile all around it. Blarg!

But no worries, a new one is coming (and it better be soon), so I can install it and then my stove, finally.

In the meanwhile, I'm to the point in the kitchen where I'm just doing detail work--and I've found where the devil is hiding out, for sure!

Since my last post here's what's happened:

1. Grouted the tile--not nearly as fun as laying the tile, but it looks really nice (will post picture of this soon)
2. Got water! Yay! With the installation of the faucet, came the installation of the new dishwasher and hooking up the icemaker in the fridge.
3. Got electricity! Yay! So far, my new light fixture has not burned down the house, phew!
4. Installed the remainder of the cabinets, cover panels, and cabinet doors (here's my standard update picture).

5. Installed cap molding to match the mill work on the windows and doorways throughout the house.

Things left on the to do list:

1. Install cap molding on all of the cabinets.

2. Crown and base molding installation

3. Install microwave and range

4. Install butcher block counter top on a small unit next to the stove

5. Install toe kicks under counters

6. Caulk, caulk, and caulk

7. Prime and paint molding

8. Touch up wall paint

The to do list is getting smaller, but these detailed tasks are definite consumers of time. But I'm so pleased with the results that I don't mind the extra time... as long as I get that stove installed, pronto.


Jessica said...

You rock, Kathleen!!! It looks awesome! I'm so impressed that you've done this yourself. That's really inspiring.

I noticed something, though, that worries me... in your open shelf space where it looks like you have cookbooks, there are some spaces for what appear to be wine bottles. Um, there's only 4 spaces. Is that enough? ;)


little ms. notetaker said...

I know! Darn IKEA. The one with more spaces wouldn't work... but have no fear, I like tripled my counter top space and kept my old wire wine rack...

Shawn said...

holy cow. it looks awesome. I'm blown away. subway tile rocks!!!!! (London!) Way to go Kit.