Now Hiring: Fake Boyfriend/Husband

A rule of thumb--at least some people's thumbs--is to get at least three bids on a job before you hire your contractor. Well, consider this my call for bids: I need a fake live-in boyfriend or a husband. But I'll take the first one that comes along. Surprisingly it's not because I need someone to do work on the kitchen. It's because I just listed my fridge on craigslist and potential buyers are going to need to come here to buy it and haul it away.

Tough, independent me doesn't want strangers coming into the house knowing that tough me lives here independently.

So, any Seattle men in my life (be you single or be you attached) be prepared for a pleading call to come and play the role of love of my life. And if you're lucky (or until my oven sells on craigslist), I'll even bake a little treat for your troubles--that's something I probably wouldn't even do or the real love of my life.


burtlo said...

Where do we send headshots?

little ms. notetaker said...

Forget headshots, I'm not picky. You can even have your fish stashe.

But seriously people are already responding... I'm wookin' por nub' ASAP.