Everything's coming up stainless

I set off this morning on a mission to purchase a few more important kitchen items. The big things included: range, faucet, dishwasher, light fixture.

Before noon I had two of the three purchased (faucet and range) and have the dishwasher priced and picked out. I need to look at the overall budget to see if I can get the dishwasher I really want. After a few hours of power shopping, I was going to head to Rejuvenation to purchase the new light fixture, but I was pooped (I have a strong disdain for shopping and I had definitely gone beyond my threshold) and justified that I could buy the light online.

The big question I had today was about matching items. The fridge and the micro-hood I already purchased are stainless and have stainless handles. I felt like it was important that the stove also have stainless handles and when you want that, the price of the stove you get goes up. So the stove I bought was a little over my budget. But the good news is that the faucet I bought (also stainless and will also match the appliances, plus it will look great with the black granite counters) was only $100! This is WAY down from the original price--it was the floor model and is exactly what I was looking for. So my screaming deal on the faucet allowed me to justify the extra spent on the stove.

Tomorrow is a big day: 1.) the old fridge departs and 2.) my friend, the Man of Iron, is coming over to help frame the new wall. It's going to be an afternoon with him, me, and of course Stanley.

Stay tuned...

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