Demolition Derby: The quick and dirty

I'll post pictures tomorrow, but I survived demolition. I am forever indebted to the Man of Iron who really was the brawn behind all of the work--but I do a mighty fine job of trimming shims, thank you very much.

In all honesty, he did most of the work and I did a lot of freaking out. Here are some of the demolition stats:
3=number of trips I made to Lowe's today
2=number of times I teared up because I was so overwhelmed
4=number of sheets of plastic I finally hung up to keep the dust from traveling all over my house--oops, too late
700=number of times I went back and forth on a decision to take out the old window and install a new one
48*36=dimensions of the new window I impulse purchased and watched Mike install

So installing a new window, not in the plan. Also not in the plan was re-drywalling an entire wall and it looks like that may have to be done. The window will definitely make my back splash tiling MUCH easier since it's now level. The original window (installed 104 years ago) was almost an inch out of level. As charming as the old window was, it will be nice to have this new one when all is said and done (which seems like so far away...).

I promise pictures in the next post, but for now I'm hopping off of this roller coaster and heading to bed.

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