The pro-ject, eh.

Canada, you beat me to my own punch. The other night I took pictures of the kitchen so I could give a visual rundown of all the work that this project will entail.

So here's the rundown, not necessarily in the order they will happen (and my apologies for any blogger formatting wonkiness because of all of the pictures):

1. Build wall--Nearly completed. I wish I would have taken a before picture so everyone could have seen what it was like. Oh well.

2. Molding and trim--extensive mill work was done on all rooms of the house except the kitchen. Need to install 10" baseboard and crown molding, as well as trim out the windows and doorways to match the rest of the house.

3. Replace back door--I bought a great door from a great store, Frank Lumber the Door Store. Yes, that's it's real name. I'm not sure how old this door is; if you could count layers of paint like you do rings of trees, I'd wager it's about 392. What I'm most excited about is the fact that my new door will not have a crack in the middle of it (you may not be able to see in that picture) that you can actually see--and when the wind's blowing, feel--outside.

4. Demolition--obvious part of the project. I need to rip out the old counters and cabinets, just wait until we discuss the sink.

5. Replace the floors--in one of the most tragic moves ever, someone thought the best thing to do for flooring in this kitchen was to put really lame peel and stick linoleum tile directly on top of the original fir floors. It's really too painful to talk about.

6. Install cabinets--Hello, IKEA. I love you. I'll be doing the kitchen in the STAT model. I'll be going with some glass fronted cabinets to class things up a bit where I can. One thing is for certain, the interior of the cabinets will NOT be smurf blue.

7. New light fixture--I'm lusting over the Jefferson at Rejuve. You'll notice in the picture how the scale is off with the old light fixture... just a wee bit.

8. New appliances--I've already discussed those here, here, and here.

9. Plumbing--moving the pipes for the sink. Just take a look at this beauty, would you? I mean, wha' happened? First of all the sink is the size of a bathroom sink, and the faucet? Coming out of the side? If I only did one thing to improve this kitchen, it would be getting a new sink. (I came home from work on Monday to find my new sink had been delivered. She is beautiful, shiny, new, big and will be positioned correctly upon installation.)

10. Electrical--I need a few new outlets placed so I can plug in my stove, micro hood, and fridge in shall we say, less precarious places than before. My stove and refrigerator used to be plugged into this powerstrip that is nailed to the wall...

11. Counter tops--going with either a simple honed granite, or what my granite friend (not to say that she's made out of granite, but that she's in the granite business) thinks I would like an Irish mist something or other.

12. Painting--walls and ceiling. Walls will likely be the same color as dining room, Benjamin Moore: Hampshire Grey.

13. Tiling--going for a subway tile back splash and actually tile some of the other walls as well. I love tiling. I hope that I can still say that after this project is finished.

In a nutshell, that's all that I'm hoping to accomplish over the next two months. Here we go...

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