Kitchen? What kitchen?

Hello, friends! Have you missed the DomestiKat? I know it's been a month since I've posted, and I don't have pictures really, because I've been working on the time-consuming and minute details and it's really hard to tell a difference in things. Oh, and I'm lazy.

Since the last post after installing my cap and crown mouldings, I've done a lot of little things. Ooh, except one big thing, the microwave debacle got all straightened out. So I have one cooking element, I have yet to use it, but it does send me little messages like, "Have a nice day," "Do you want to set the clock," "Your food is done," and "Nice kitchen!" Okay, I may be putting words into its display, but anyway...

I sit here typing with paint all over my hands (and residual caulk in the crevices). Over the weekend, I caulked every single solitary crack, seam, and space. Wow is caulk amazing! And then I primed all of the moulding (before that and actually before caulking, I taped everything... which took two rolls of tape). Tonight I painted all but the baseboard mouldings. For those of you keeping track at home, here's what I have left:
1. Paint the baseboard moulding
2. Touch up wall paint--and maybe do some re-caulking
3. Install pulls and knobs
4. Install butcher block
5. Install gas stove (rather get a professional to do it, but that's another post)
6. Oh, and move back in to the kitchen.

Yes, it means that it is highly likely that the kitchen will be completed this weekend, and some of you have heard me say that for the past month, but this time I'm not crying wolf... I mean it.

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