Take note to keep your eyebrows

While I haven't been posting as frequently, it doesn't mean I haven't been learning and taking multiple notes--as I often do. Here are a few important ones:

Note to self: Even if IKEA says it's a good idea to tape around where you're caulking to keep the lines clean. Don't. Caulk is easy to clean up. And if you tape it, then it will stick to the tape so that when you remove the tape you no longer have a clean line. And then you need to re-caulk. Blarg!

Note to self: When installing a gas stove and checking to see if it's connected. DO NOT lean over the burner to smell for gas flow if you have the knob held on ignite and have had it there for at least ten seconds. Just because it hasn't ignited yet, doesn't mean that it won't... right when you have your face over the burner.

Note to self: When installing a gas stove yourself, don't. Get a professional to do it.

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