The last weekend devoted entirely to the kitchen. Ever.

Ta-da! What you're looking at, friends, is a completed kitchen. I made the big push last week and all through this weekend to knock the project out and I am beyond proud to say that I did it.
Yesterday I finished painting all of the moulding and doing necessary touch up, and today was the oh-so-precise job of installing the cabinet hardware, installing the piece of butcher block counter top, and installing under-cabinet lighting (I do have one thing left to do with the lighting, I need something to gather and hide the cords... right now, painter's tape is hiding them beneath the cabinets).
I could tell many stories, but I'll let the pictures do the talking. I'm also working on a slides show that highlights the past 3 and a half months and will try to embed that here. Until then, I'm going to go and bask in the glow of the under-cabinet and hood surface light glow of my NEW KITCHEN!


Shawn said...

sit there, on the floor, for hours, just looking at everything; admire every splendid detail. coordinate your outfits to compliment the kitchen. spend an insane amount of time making that slide show. Sleep on the kitchen floor. explain to yourself that you are now an expert kitchen renovator and are thus obligated to write and share your expertise with common folk. Spend a silly amount of money on beautiful dishtowels. Write a book about how to renovate your own kitchen by yourself; be sure to include a very short paragraph about how you did it all without any help at all from the marinara jar. then laugh out loud about how you once thought you needed that disgusting sauce to do what you just did by yourself. Figure out the increase in value to your home; fantasize about spending the money you just earned. Soak it all in. send out special announcements to every single person in your address book (like people do when they have babies); be sure to say where your kitchen is "registered" - who knows, maybe this event warrants gifts! plan a fondue party to take place on your kitchen floor - no tables/chairs allowed (I have three fondue pots you can use). roll around on your new kitchen floor like you are playing "steam roller" until you are giggling silly high on endorphins pumping like crazy due to pure joy of this huge accomplishment.

Jessica said...

Wow, Congratulations! I think Shawn said it all (great ideas!)

Adjil said...

YAY!!!! Wow - it looks awesome! And hey I'm actually going to make it to class this week and have been practicing massacring more songs for karaoke!