Let there be a light!

After much battling with the light fixture that I love so much, I am proud to say that with little-to-no blood, a heck of a lot of sweat, a few tears of frustration, and one or two minor cursing fits that would have certainly made a handful of Seattle's finest sailors blush, my kitchen has a new light! (And in case you've forgotten, here's what she replaced.)
I'm just going to keep this image burned in my memory and try my best to forget the fact that I just attached that light to really old wiring. And also that when I took out the old fixture lots of stuff (and when I say stuff I mean little critter pellets and maybe things that critters would use to make a nest) fell out of the ceiling. I'm hoping that's all historical stuff and that I don't have any critters living up there now, because quite honestly, it was so hard getting that light up there in the first place that I don't think I have it in me to do it all over again.

And the last thing I'll say about that is that the stuff that fell out of the ceiling was less than one-tenth the size of the stuff I found in my basement earlier this winter, which means whatever was down there must have meant business. And I feel vindicated being wimpy and girlie.

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thom said...

Just came across your blog - this is awesome, mostly just realizing every emotion I had remodeling my kitchen and now bathroom is felt by someone else! That light is awesome (looks like Rejuvenation). I'll have to come back to this and read more, but from what I saw you did an awesome job - wow! Isn't it awesome to do it all yourself, despite everything!?