Measure a couple times, drill a couple more

I had a remodel hiatus while I was out of town through the weekend, but I returned yesterday and commemorated Memorial Day 08 by installing and assembling cabinets. My good friends, Monster and the Commish, came over to help. It was so fun--even when I became a major stress case when the Commish used his mitre saw to shorten up some of the trim already installed around the window. But because he is a whiz with the saw and I'm a whiz with drywall mud, you'd never even know we performed a miracle--unless of course you come over to see the kitchen in which case we both will probably tell you about how amazing we are and what we did.
The story I probably won't tell you is about how I forgot how high I wanted to hang the cabinets and accidentally hung them too low the first time. But we considered that a dry run, repeated our steps and rehung them. And except for you, and the next person that remodels this kitchen, nobody will ever know.
Here are the hung cabinets. I am really impressed with us (and with IKEA, which you know I heart), only I don't think these pictures do the work we did today justice. Trust me, the cabinets (even without their doors and hardware) look amazing!
Be on the look out for more cabinet installation updates later this week...

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Anonymous said...

Looking gooood. You are sooo talented. Of course I knew that and I know where you get it!!!!