Week in Review

Week two didn't see much action until the weekend. On Friday evening, I finished attaching the wainscoting to the new wall covering the old chimney and also applied two coats of primer to the new walls.

Saturday was a day full of painting. Fortunately, I LOVE painting. LOVE it. Unfortunately, I'm ridiculously anal retentive when I paint, which means the result is good, but getting to that point is an intense process. It's best if I'm left alone to this project--in fact, a DIY painting project may have been the first step down the road to splitsville with my ex. Ah, but now I am the boss of my own painting projects, so neener-neener.

Gone is all of the yellow (well, you may see hints of yellow here and there but it will be covered by new moulding or subway tile). These pictures don't do the room justice, but on the walls you'll see Clarksville Grey (it's more of a brownish/greenish/grey), on the ceilings Linen White (quite possibly my most favorite paint color of all time--if you're looking for a beautiful white that's not too stark and has an antique-y feel to it, look no further) and White Dove on the wainscoting. All colors are from Benjamin Moore so they're a little on the spendy side, but are exceptionally high quality paints and beautiful colors (I've painted every room in my house except the bathroom with them).

That concludes my endorsement of Benny Moore's paints--I'll be collecting my check soon.

On the docket for this week:

1. Selling the old range--if not selling it, moving it out of the kitchen to make way for...
2. Floor refinishing on Thursday--this could stretch into the weekend so I'll be moving out for a few days.
3. If there's time, installing some of the wall cabinets--this seems like a HUGE step, one that I'm a little intimidated to take.

Keep your fingers crossed that Kevin the floor man can work the magic he's promised. Can't wait to see the results... stay tuned!

[FYI--More pictures coming, Blogger's not letting me add pictures at the moment, and I'm tired of trying to trick it into letting me do it]

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