This picture's worth a thousand dollars

Give or take a few bucks. Seriously.

Today was floor day, and that's a big day. Last night after I pulled up the vinyl tiling, I had a moment of dread. When I was getting bids for the floor every person told me there would be no way to guarantee refinishing the floor. But then Kevin came into my life. He's a miracle worker, they say. From everything I heard and read, he is the Midas of fir floors.

But could Midas fix this?

Others said it would be difficult to get the adhesive off, that it would gum up the sander and that it would be nearly impossible. And this morning, when Kevin made a comment to the effect of, "Wow it's really sticky," I began to think it would be impossible. Especially when he taped off a good portion of my dining room. Could he really get it to match the existing floor?
Yes. Yes he can.
The floor is old, so I expected some discolorations, like the one you see by where the old sink was, but I actually like it. Especially because, look! Look how the kitchen is matching the dining room.
Trust Kevin, he does have the touch.


Shawn said...

Holy fireworks, Batman - THAT is a beautiful floor. I want to eat off of it. Let me know when I may come and do so.

You are so amazing!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Kevin did a beautiful job. Send him to Illinois--I need him! My floor isn't even that bad but everybody says just replace it. But I don't want a NEW floor in an old farmhouse.