Counter count down

My do it herselferness (yes, as of now, that's a word) is shining through as of late. Exhibit A) my HVAC solution I posted about yesterday. Exhibit B)the 1/8th of an inch I had to take off of the sink cabinet so I could get the lip of the sink to lie level with the cabinets. Oh boy, what I did to make that happen... it was not pretty. But thankfully, the sink and the counter top will hide any signs of my chisel gouges.

And speaking of counter tops... they get installed tomorrow morning. I can't wait to post pictures. You all will pass out. And I'll have to come over to your house and resuscitate you just so you can take a second look at the amazingness that will be my counters. Thank goodness I'm CPR certified!

Here's one last look at the cabinets sans top.

Oh, and keep your fingers crossed that I didn't break a pipe. I'm having some water issues in the back of the sink cabinet next to one of the pipes. I just noticed it today, so I must have done something yesterday. I have the plumber coming out tomorrow to take a look at it. I so hope I don't get bad news from him and then ruin counter top day!

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