Look Ma!

It's level.
Heck yes I can install cabinets (and now thanks to me, and the crazy Norse engineers at IKEA, so can the Man of Iron, Monster, and the Commish... thanks friends).
Cabinet installation is almost complete. The really important ones are in and are blow-your-mind amazing. Look and see below to see the new cabinets (and just remember, this is how they looked one month ago).

Here's a fun little cabinet--that the Commish and I cursed and cursed when attaching the fancy cover panel too, but it looks so nice now--that will house wine, cookbooks, and other fun trinkets in the drawers (ignore the half assembled lazy Susan, she's just living up to her name).
And here's the space for the new dishwasher. A dishwasher! Yay! I can't even wait. What you can't tell by looking at this picture is the painstaking process it took to make this piece of laminated wood be perfectly level, perfectly sized, and the perfect distance away from the other cabinets. I pretended I was Bob-freaking-Villa and busted out with some ingenious solutions and then the Commish and I rocked cutting that bad boy down to size.You know how sometimes dogs, when they are really excited about something, pee all over. Yeah, I just did that.


Anonymous said...

You get that from your Mom, the peeing pants that is.

little ms. notetaker said...

Don't I know it! :)