Three weeks in review...

Okay, so I've been delinquent in blogging about the house. I'm struggling with a little thing we in the business like to call "burnout." And when I say we, I mean me, and when I say business, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

I'll let you in on a little secret... closer... come closer... closer... I WANT TO BE DONE WITH MY KITCHEN!

So now that I have that off my chest let me recap what I've done.

1. More cabinet assembly--I can put together an IKEA kitchen cabinet in less than 17 minutes. Boo-yah.

2. Cabinet installation and making a refrigerator look like it's built in--Psych. It's a cover panel. Monster and the Commish are quite the installation gurus. The three of us are like the dream team of cabinet installation--as long as we have the right sized drill bit.

3. Complete do it herself HVAC solution--I have a heating vent in the old chimney which is now behind the pseudo wall the Man of Iron and I built. During construction we came up with a good solution for how to get the vent connected to the register that will be in the toe kick of the new pantry (don't worry if that confused you, when all is said and done I'll have a picture of it for you), but our original solution wasn't going to work. So I pretended like I knew what I was doing and ended up with this:
It may not be such a sight to behold, but I will tell you I figured out a solution all by myself--and I taped that puppy up so good that it is tightly sealed. There will be no heat loss there (and I should be putting it to the test now, but I refuse to turn on the heat in mid-June, even if it is 56 degrees in the house...)

4. Baseboard molding--these boards were too tall compared to the rest of the house (needed them around 9 3/4 inches) so the Commish and I ripped them (highly technical term there, people) and then I installed them.

Someday they will be puttied and painted along with the other molding. And can I just say that I'm particularly proud of this little guy that I measured and cut for this funky corner.

The details are going to matter in this kitchen, but they are also driving me nuts. So many little things to do--so little motivation to actually do them these days.

5. Back splash tiling--So I haven't started tiling, but have spent hours upon hours pricing out my tile and delaying my commitment to actually try and replicate this herringbone pattern on the walls.

Someone has a lot of tile cutting and probably cursing in her near future.
I will be kicking it into high gear the next couple weeks, with the goal to have this completed before the end of June--and a possible 4th of July, or maybe Cinqo de July-O party to celebrate.


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yours truly, Johnny Blogger said...

The Mrs. wants to do an addition on the house, and while we probably wouldn't do it ourselves... YOU'RE SCARING THE HELL OUT OF ME!

Deep Breath.

Okay... I'm okay. Center. Ahhhh.